Lots of great things happening in the Cryptocurrency world - innovative Blockchain applications being developed, ICO's, etc - but here at SmashingBloke, we know that most of you out there are only interested in Crypto because of the investment potential of the coins.

SmashingBloke is your hub for Cryptocurrency information. We track the coins that we believe have the most potential, explain what they are all about and keep you up to date with news, prices, market cap, etc. Always good to be informed...

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SmashingBloke still thinks the market will re-set perceptions of the possible in 2018 despite the bearish trend to date!

Buy the lows and sell the highs

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The Cryptocurrency space is a volatile one so make sure you research and stay informed. Understand your coins and the market place and you should be okay. SmashingBloke believes in Long Term investments. Short term or long term, you might get hurt and lose some cash unless you understand what you are doing, which means researching the coin before you invest and much more important, understanding what you have just read. By this, SmashingBloke means understanding the tech, the solution proposed, the background of the team, etc.

If you are new to this space and just looking for something that is 'almost' safe, stick with the top 5 or 10. If you want to make bigger gains, you should look at the coins sitting outside the top 10. Invest early in the coin and you can make 2x, 3x, or even more when the coin hits the top 10.

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All of this stuff is not about Bitcoin but about the Blockchain. Not all altcoins were intended to be currencies. Ethereum, second generation Cryptocurrency, is a Smart Contracts platform which has introduced a new perspective to the Blockchain.

Read, Understand, Learn. The Blockchain is the future and here at SmashingBloke we believe in the Blockchain.

SmashingBloke is not providing financial advice but aims to keep you informed.